How Borrowing Money Will Change

Australia will have new rules about the information that can be stored on you in your credit file after March 12 2014.  These are the biggest changes in the rules in over 20 years.  Under the new rules the volume of data that can be stored about you in your credit file will be many […]

I Give the Credit Changes a Cautious Thumbs Up

But don’t expect me to be dancing in the streets. I have to say I feel more than just a little bit uncomfortable about the information lenders are now about to see and what they can now deduce about my lending and repayment habits.  On the other hand I also have a reasonable understanding of […]

How to Build a Good Credit History

Under the new credit rules that will apply from March 12, 2014 you will have a much greater day to day influence on the credit history that will be used by lenders to decide whether or not to grant you a loan, what credit limit you’ll have and possibly in the future even the interest […]

How Do I See My Credit File?

Unfortunately your credit file is not stored in one convenient place.  Private companies acting as credit reporting agencies are permitted by law to maintain credit files but they also must give you access to your file free of charge.  They will happily send you your credit file if you are willing to wait, but usually […]

So What is a Credit File?

Privacy legislation in Australia permits credit reporting agencies to create credit files on Australian adults.  There are clear regulations about the information that can be stored, who can access it, how it is corrected, and the procedures that must be in place to access or change information on the file.  Having worked for a credit […]

The world is about to change

Well it is if your world is the credit world.  For the rest of us life will go on pretty much like normal for a little while yet.  The changes will take a little while before they start to take effect but will effect us all in the end. And like everything, with a little […]